Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In the end, it's selfish!

For someone I met…

It feels so nice

To have u on my side,

It feels so right

When you hold me tight,

Remember the day when we first met

The sun had only just set,

In the twilight, you and me

Came together for all to see

What it was, I don’t try to fathom

It was some chance, something random,

For, whoever ever got such luck

Getting what you want without spending a buck,

You came along

And changed the song,

You swept me off my feet

And made me skip a beat,

I was so alone, in command

Was so alone, I needed a hand,

I didn’t know what I was missing

Till the time we were kissing,

It was like waking up for the first time

Seeing everything in a new light,

Roses were rosier, the music more clear

The grass beneath my feet was suddenly more dear,

You told me that I could do it

Losing you woud be the end of life as I know it,

I am more selfish than I was before

It is not for you, its for me more.


Karan said...

can i copy this to impress the chicks?

any how great poem...emotions stem from within ya girl...get back to writing!!

Pallavi Ganju said...

anything for a good cause karan ;) !!

and i was never away from writing yaa...just wasn't posting trying to remedy that now...

mervin said...

Oh wow...brilliant piece of work Pallu. Well done for opening your heart to these words!

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