Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Give THEM and me a break!!!

I have been keeping my silence for long. But not anymore...otherwise i will burst with impatience. What do the people of our shining country have against Mr. Danny Boyle and Co.? What did he do except take a story he believed in and stuck by it in the direst of circumstances. In the course of the journey of this film, he has proven that Underdogs can win.

One half of our country is bemoaning that why did he have to show the underbelly of India. Why couldn't they show the good things? Excuse you want them to churn out the commercial garbage that you do? Well, I am happy they didn't, otherwise you'd be crying that they made a better masala movie than you do. Are you listening, Mr. Bachchan?

The other half is celebrating that this the first step for Bollywood to get into the Oscars. The gates have been opened. Bollywood babes I apologize, but i have to break this news to you. Your beloved bollywood movie can not get an Oscar in any category except the Foreign Film one. It is individuals from bollywood who can get Oscars, but only if they work in a hollywood movie, like Rehman and Resul did.

I haven't seen anyone on the tube, except Mr. Mukesh Bhatt, to have a different opinion than the two mentioned above. Appreciate the movie made by Hollywood with India as it focus. Don't go crazy. Its not an Indian film. We are going mad about nothing except the fact that we love it when the west looks down at us and waves. Just like the slum kids (no no no, i meant those children who voluntarily live on rail roads, coz slums don't exist in India) do when we wave at them from the trains.

Couldn't an Indian have made this film?? I don't think so.For the simple reason that he wouldn't have got around to finishing it. The political parties, the social activists(?), the messiahs of the poor would have ranted and ravaged and destroyed property, people and their beloved poor in the process. And we wouldn't have been this crazy about the Indian film, in the first place.

Why was this movie named Slumdog Millionare?? My beloved countrymen can't let even this go. What was their secret agenda behind it? Were they making fun of our country? Why? What? How? When? I ask their detractors, which Indian director would have the guts to make this film and which Indian producer the guts to produce it? Who? Who? Who? Which Indian production house would have got the kids who worked in their admitted to English medium schools and and paid auto rickshaw drivers to take them to school for the next 8 years!! Who would have set up a trust for them, which will pay them to the tune of 25lakhs when they turn 21. Answer me this.

Like SRK said, celebrate the fact that they used the word MILLIONAIRE with slumdog and don't keep crying about why they used SLUMDOG.

I rest my case. Think about it.


Karan said...

that shld answer most of it...

nobody here says it's a bad film we are just saying stop calling Indian acclaim!

aparna nair said...

I second your all the above cases. well said pallu!

shuchisoman said...


Pallavi Ganju said...

thank you people...

vikram said...

Brilliantly written I must say....but I found the movie to be just about allright and certainly not rehman's best. It isn't really worth so much airtime and blogtime, ots a movie afterall, meant to cater to the western audience, with all the things they relate to when they come to India. We relate to a different India, perhaps because we have become immune to the poverty here. Its omnipresent.

Pallavi Ganju said...

i know that the work is not Rehman's best. But it fits the mood of the movie and that is comendable!!

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